Neils Auto Services was founded in 2003 by current owner Neil Hodson.  After buying a small breakdown truck to use for his motorsport interests at the weekend, a suggestion by Neils dad (Alan) was made to make the truck pay for itself during the week.  An advert was placed in the local paper advertising free scrap car removals.  Shortly after, a breakdown recovery and car transport service was also offered.  Neil's focus on customer service at an affordable price meant the business and its reputation soon started to grow.   


A new separate name was created for scrap car removals 'ScrapThatCar' while the breakdown recovery and transport continued under Neil's Auto Services (N.A.S.) Recovery. With business growing any motor sport interests took a back seat and newer vehicles and more staff followed.  In 2015 after continued growth and a now with a fleet of 5 trucks and 5 members of staff some big decisions had to be made.  With reducing scrap car numbers and reducing rates for breakdown recoveries the decision was made to concentrate purely on vehicle transport. 

With Neils focus on customer service new customers soon started to use our services.  Offering professional handover services to complement our transport enabled us to to start delivering new cars for many of our local car dealerships and also for many of the leading leasing companies. 


Below are some of our previous vehicles and colour schemes.....                

Neils Auto Services through the years...
wagonvan 020
X3Japcars (4)
skylnefto300sx (2)
alfagtv (2)
61caddy1 (2)
beg n.a.s recovery 1
mondeocrash (1)
etype (2)
beg n.a.s recovery 5
delorian (6)
db9 (7)
tectoriveco (11)
Neils Auto Services today......
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